Thursday, October 25, 2007

Audio of the District 9 City Council Candidates Debate

With the kind assistance of Harry Mattison and his HarvardInAllston website, I have put up links to the MP3 audio from the District 9 City Councilor Candidates Debate on Tuesday, October 23rd at the Edison Middle School between Mark Ciommo and Greg Glennon.

I've split up the audio into a series of files focused by topic.

The ground rules of the event were that the questions would be a mix of ones written by the moderator and by each candidate. When a question was asked, candidate A got 90 seconds to respond; candidate B having 90 seconds to respond; and then candidate A would have an optional additional 60 seconds for rebuttal. The next question would then start with candidate B responding. Opening and closing remarks were two minutes per candidate. I was the moderator for the event.

On the recording, Glennon's audio sounds softer then Ciommo or myself simply due to the location of the recording device (on my podium, thus furthest from Glennon), I'm sorry if you may have to raise/lower the levels when playing it back.
  1. Opening remarks
  2. Taxes, gambling
  3. Public schools
  4. Housing
  5. Zoning, licensing
  6. Institutional expansion
  7. Open space
  8. Public safety, budgetary trade-offs
  9. Audience questions
  10. Closing remarks

Raucous Debate At Times

This debate became highly charged and quite raucous at times, with the candidates lobbing accusations back-and-forth. The exchange can be heard in the "institutional expansion" (#6) audio above.

I've put some analysis of the accusations into a companion post.

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