Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Unofficial vote: Brownsberger Wins Senate Race

According to the Twitter-universe -- actually the Watertown TAB's Twitter feed -- the unofficial vote totals for the special senate primary election for the full district are:

William Brownsberger 4958
Jonathan Hecht 3849
Robert McCarthy 3436
Timothy Schofield 2887

Schofield Wins Big in Allston-Brighton

Tim Schofield has taken a big lead in the special senate primary election results today, winning the 28 Boston precincts (mostly in Allston-Brighton) with nearly 64% of the vote:

Votes Percent
2061 63.79%
602 18.63%
370 11.45%
181 5.60%
Write-in Votes
17 0.53%

Allston-Brighton's historically low turnout, however, means that Schofield will have difficulty holding onto this lead. While Boston's total number of votes cast was 3203, Belmont already 2858 votes cast as of 3 pm -- with around 4400 expected by the time the polls closed at 8 pm.

State representative Will Brownsberger of Belmont is the favorite to get the lion's share of those Belmont votes.

Sunday, December 11, 2011

Other Links for Background on Senate Candidates

Boston Globe has profiles of all four candidates through a questionnaire:
Boston Globe stories on 11/30 candidates forum, 12/8 candidates forum, and a more general story.

Watertown Patch and Belmont Patch stories on the same 11/30 candidates forum.

Patch also has questionnaire reponses:
WickedLocal Watertown analyzes campaign finances reports from the candidates and has stories on the 11/30 candidates forum and 12/6 candidates forum.

Boston Globe and Boston Herald endorsements both of Brownsberger.

BNN had a video camera at the Brighton candidates forum, which they were supposed to start streaming online over the weekend -- but which I don't yet see posted.

And BlueMassGroup has an open thread on the race.

Boston Globe Coverage of Senate Candidates Forum

The Brighton senate candidates forum was covered by the Boston Globe -- currently linked to only through its Belmont or Watertown "Your Town" websites, natch.

On state funding for the Faneuil branch of the Boston Public Library:
Candidates agreed at a forum in Brighton last night that the Faneuil branch of the Boston Public Library in Oak Square, which teetered on the edge of permanent closure last year, should continue to be state-funded and kept open.
On MBTA funding:
Candidates also went head-to-head on solutions for bailing the MBTA out of debt, since the area is heavily dependent on both the Green Line and multiple city buses.

Schofield said he did not think fares should rise, but that the state should funnel money into the T...

Brownsberger said he thinks the state should raise the gas tax to increase revenue dollars, which could then help fund the MBTA.

Friday, December 09, 2011

State Senate Candidates Websites

It was a pleasure to hear from all four candidates at last night's candidates forum, sponsored by the Brighton Allston Improvement Association.

It is encouraging when we hear from a slate of candidates for a particular office where every single person has an interesting background, understands many of the varied issues before our community and state, and can speak eloquently on the issues.

Many thanks go out to the BAIA for sponsoring the candidates forum, and especially to those in the organizing committee who put it on: Ruth Scheer, Joanne Laplant, Mary Cronin, Abigail Furey, Lauren Mattison, and BAIA president Anabela Gomes.

Unfortunately, we appear to have had such strong attendance that we ran out of handouts at the forum. Here are links to the four candidates websites, information that appeared on the handouts:

Boston Globe Endorses Brownsberger for State Senate

The Boston Globe's editorial page has endorsed state representative William Brownsberger (D-Belmont) for the special election to replace Steven Tolman in the state senate's 2nd Suffolk and Middlesex seat.

Tolman stepped down in October after he was elected as president of AFL-CLO in Massachusetts.

In their endorsement, the Globe's editorial board wrote:
[S]tate Representative Will Brownsberger of Belmont has a progressive record on social and environmental matters — but also a history of creative thinking about making government more effective, honest, and transparent.
In making their endorsement, the Globe seems to have given an honorable mention to state representative Jonathan Hecht (D-Watertown):
[Hecht] shares Brownsberger’s emphasis on open, efficient government... He and Brownsberger have voted in similar ways.
But the Globe criticized the other two candidates in the race, Timothy Schofield (D-Brighton) and Robert McCarthy (D-Watertown), for their positions on paying for health care for employees of local government:
[Schofield and McCarthy] have criticized recent efforts to help cities and towns save on spiraling employee health costs. Digging in to defend unsustainable costs shouldn’t be mistaken for progressive government; if anything, it leads to more layoffs of public workers and worse services for citizens.