Saturday, July 14, 2007

A-B City Council Candidates All Oppose BC's Proposed Dorms on Former Seminary Land

All six candidates for the open Allston-Brighton District City Council seat have declared, for the record, that they oppose the proposal by Boston College to build undergraduate student dormitories in their Brighton Campus (i.e., the former St. John's Seminary land).

Gregory Glennon annnounced today that he is "100% opposed" to their proposal.

Alex Selvig noted that not only is he opposed to undergraduate dorms in the Brighton Campus, he opposes graduate student dorms there as well. He thinks that any kind of dorm establishes a "toe-hold" on the property. His position on the dorms proposal is not surprising, since BC's expansion proposal was the inciting incident motivating his candidacy.

James Jenner e-stated his opposition to BC's proposal earlier in the week, noting BC's "lack of communication with the community" and "thinking they are above all and can do whatever they please."

Mark Ciommo noted his opposition in Friday's edition of the Allston-Brighton TAB.

Rosie Hanlon and Tim Schofield have previously stated their opposition while doorbelling Brighton Centered Universal Center.

These statements guarantee that Allston-Brighton's next City Councilor will oppose BC's proposed undergraduate dorms at that location.

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