Monday, September 24, 2007

Election Day Tuesday 9/25: Preliminary Election for A-B District 9 City Council

Voter Information Guide. In case you haven't seen all the Election 2007 related voter information, load the full website of the Brighton Centered Blog and look at the links across the top of the page. Transcripts, audio recordings, questionnaires, interviews, campaign finance reports -- as well as analysis and critical commentary. There is literally no shortage of information about the candidates in this election.

League of Women Voters has a thorough guide detailing everything you need to know about voting.

Who to vote for?
For the Allston-Brighton District 9 City Council seat there are five active candidates: Mark Ciommo, Greg Glennon, Rosie Hanlon, Tim Schofield, and Alex Selvig. (All links are to Brighton Centered Blog postings about each candidate.)

There is one candidate, James Jenner, whose name will appear on the ballot but has withdrawn from the race.

Where to vote? Just go to "Where Do I Vote (MA)?"

Note that a few A-B precincts have changed their poll locations. If you go to a polling place and your name is not on the list of registered voters -- but you believe that your registration may still be current -- then request a provisional ballot. You vote now, and then the elections officials will sort it all out later.

When to vote? Polls open 7:00 am -- 8:00 pm. Usually, voters who are in line by 8:00 pm are allowed to vote, no matter how long it takes to process through the queue.

Candidate Websites? Mark Ciommo, Greg Glennon, Rosie Hanlon, Tim Schofield, and Alex Selvig.

Election Results? Probably at the City of Boston's Current Elections website.

How often to vote? Once per registered voter, please.


Karen Smith said...

Several friends outside of Boston are surprised at my interest in neighborhood politics and elections. They will engage in national politics, occasionally a governor's race. However,I think the current election for the A/B city council seat has included some of the best features of participatory democracy. We have several fine candidates and a robust, healthy debate on institutional expansion and other important local and regional issues-- thanks in large part to two terrific blogs. Thank you to Michael and Harry for this service, thanks to the candidates, and I hope to see many neighbors at the polls

Michael Pahre said...

Thank you for the nice words!