Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Allston-Brighton District City Council Candidates Respond to the Crowdsourced Questionnaire

The candidates for the Allston-Brighton District 9 City Council seat have responded to the crowdsourced questionnaire generated by readers here of the Brighton Centered Blog and on the Google Groups AllstonBrighton2006 and BC_Neighbors_Forum. The questions were submitted by members of the public in mid-August; I selected the "best" 14, re-worded by me as necessary, and then put those to a vote in late-August; and the top seven vote-getters were sent to the candidates as a questionnaire on September 1. The final vote tallies can be seen at the Brighton Centered Blog by scrolling down on the right-hand-column of the webpage.

The instructions to the candidates were that they should submit responses by COB on Tuesday, September 11. All responses submitted by then would be posted at the same time, so no one could read another's responses in advance. No word limit was imposed, although I suggested:
"approximately a paragraph (2-4 sentences) in the response to each question, although some questions may naturally lead to a longer or shorter response."
All responses are published in their entirety without editing, although I have done a little bit of re-formatting (e.g., bullets) for consistency in layout. None of them have been fact-checked, either.

All six candidates submitted responses (click on their name to see their responses):
  1. Alex Selvig
  2. Mark Ciommo
  3. Rosie Hanlon
  4. Tim Schofield
  5. Greg Glennon
  6. James Jenner.
Thank you to everyone who submitted a question, voted on the poll, and/or responded to the questionnaire!!! I hope that everyone has found this process to be interesting, the questions to be important to our neighborhood, and the responses insightful for choosing your candidate for the preliminary election on September 25th.

EDIT (9/12/07): I have added an "After Action Review" discussing how effectively this online, crowdsourced process worked.

NOTE (9/17/07):  While I generally accepted (moderated) comments on this blog, I am not accepting comments on the individual candidate questionnaire responses.  Accepting such comments would be counter to the spirit of a level playing field and open to abuse.

Readers are still encouraged to post comments on other posts on Brighton Centered.

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