Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Crowded Field of Nine for Allston-Brighton Seat on Boston City Council

Here are the candidates (for the Allston-Brighton seat on the Boston City Council) who have pulled the papers initiating their candidacy by 4:58 pm Tuesday, May 15th, according to the City of Boston's Elections Department:
  1. Mark Alford
  2. Benjamin Bloomenthal
  3. Mark Ciommo
  4. Paul Creighton
  5. Gregory Glennon
  6. Rosie Hanlon
  7. James Jenner
  8. Tim Schofield
  9. Alex Selvig
Five of these candidates have run for office before in A-B.

Three of the first-time candidates (Alford, Jenner, and Selvig) live close to the St. John's Seminary land bought by Boston College.

All candidates have until May 22nd to file a minimum of 139 certified signatures of A-B registered voters in order to make the ballot. Some of the candidates have only taken out papers very recently, but those who were collecting over the week-end have reported collecting between 60 and 400.

EDIT (2007 June 5): Creighton and Bloomenthal have failed to submit the necessary number of signatures in order to appear on the ballot, leaving the other seven candidates for the seat.

EDIT (2007 July 5): Alford has withdrawn from the race, leaving only six candidates on the ballot.

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