Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Campaign Finance Reports in the A-B District 9 City Council Race

The two remaining candidates, Mark Ciommo and Greg Glennon, for the Allston-Brighton District 9 City Councilor race were required to file their second campaign finance report by October 29, 2007, covering the period September 8 - October 19, 2007. Harry Mattison, of the Allston Brighton Community Blog, and I have jointly been gathering the reports to put them online.

Here are links to the most recent reports, which go to the AllstonBrighton2006 Google Group website:
  1. Mark Ciommo
  2. Greg Glennon
In the District City Councilor races, these finance reports are required to be filed downtown at City Hall in paper form, which makes it difficult for the public to obtain them. I would like to thank both the Ciommo and Glennon campaigns for providing their reports to us.

The previous filing on September 17, 2007, covering the year-to-date up through September 7, 2007, was described on a previous post. In that post, I found that Glennon's September 17th filing contained a number of summation errors on the cover page. This was corrected by the Glennon campaign in a filing on October 3rd, which can be found here.

Allston-Brighton District 9 City Councilor

Reporting Period: September 8, 2007 -- October 19, 2007

Mark Ciommo $3,150.59 $8,850.00 $0.00 $9,129.14 $2,871.45
Greg Glennon $11,813.70 $8,608.00 $0.00 $15,520.24 $4,901.46
TOTAL $14,964.29 $17,458.00 $0.00 $24,649.38 $7,772.91

COMBINED Reporting Period: Year-To-Date Through October 19, 2007

Mark Ciommo $0.00 $33,442.00 $0.00 $30,570.55 $2,871.45
Greg Glennon $0.00 $24,206.00 $4000.00 $23,204.54 $4,901.46

Note: Glennon's loan of $4,000 to his campaign (in the campaign report filed September 17th) is not listed under receipts or included in the ending account balance, while the other candidates in the preliminary did both. I have included an extra $4,000 in his ending balance to reflect this -- both for this reporting period and the combined reporting to-date -- so he may have more cash in hand than he thinks.


Ciommo continued to put many of his expenditures under the generic category of "consulting" by paying $4,500 (around 50% of total expenditures) to Sage Systems. That amount is down substantially from the $19,000 spent on "consulting" through 9/7/07 (90% of total expenditures up to that point) in the last campaign filing. Those who enjoyed watching the trolley in the Allston-Brighton Day Parade will be happy to know that it cost $600 to rent.

Contributors Transferred From Other Candidates

Did any of the new campaign contributors for Ciommo or Glennon previously contribute to the other candidates in the preliminary municipal election, i.e., Rosie Hanlon, Tim Schofield, or Alex Selvig? These data are not thoroughly convincing for two reasons: first, that there are only a handful of contributors in the preliminary for the third- through fifth-place candidates who then contributed to the first- or second-place candidates in the final; and second, Glennon did not itemize $2,358 of his receipts (perfectly legal for contributions of $50 and under) resulting in some donors being overlooked.

None of Selvig's contributors subsequently contributed to either Ciommo or Glennon. Two of Hanlon's (probably a married couple), and one of Schofield's, contributors before the preliminary election gave to Ciommo after the election. The data are probably statistically insignificant in showing a trend towards contributing to either candidate after the preliminary election.


Harry Mattison reports that 55% of Ciommo's contributions come from outside Allston-Brighton zipcodes 02134 and 02135, while 78% of Glennon's come from outside A-B.

Former City Councilor Michael McCormack appears to have been spending some time at the race-track: he has now bet on the trifecta of Rosie Hanlon, Mark Ciommo, and Greg Glennon. Since Ciommo and Glennon are in the final, he'll definitely hit one for three.

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