Thursday, April 12, 2007

BC's Edmonds Hall will "have to be torn down"

Four of Boston College's vice presidents spoke on Tuesday night about the "State of the Heights." As quoted in the BC newspaper, Executive Vice President Patrick Keating said:
"There aren't a lot of empty spots on campus so we have to build very carefully," said Keating, "Cushing, McElroy, Edmonds, the Plex, and More Hall have to be torn down. But you can't tear those down without replacements. It's a musical chairs, domino sequence."
Edmonds Hall is a 790-bed undergraduate dorm. The domino effect caused by its demolition would put a 600-bed pair of replacement undergraduate dorms into the "Brighton Campus," i.e., the former Archdiocese's property, according to BC's plans presented at previous BC Task Force meetings.

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