Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Boston Marathon Trudges Through Brighton

Yesterday's 111th running of the Boston Marathon had better weather during the race than anticipated. The pace was, nonetheless, slow for all categories. The lead men were still in a 5-man bunch by the time they passed us in Cleveland Circle -- the lead group is usually split up through the Four Hills of Newton.

(Photo: Boston Globe / John Tlumacki)

Crowds were also thin. The spectators at Cleveland Circle can be 4-5 people deep during good weather, but they were only one-deep (at best) yesterday.

Race officials were effective at directing the wheelchair athletes safely across the tracks at Cleveland Circle, but one cyclist was observed to fall while negotiating the tracks at too shallow an angle. In case you're wondering, bicycles are theoretically not allowed on the course.

The six-time wheelchair winner, Ernst Van Dyk, failed to defend his title, being blown away by mile 4. Newton wasn't nice to him: he hit a deep pothole, blew one tire, and knocked the other wheel off his chair (which he was able to repair). I think Newton needs to work on their roads a bit more...

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