Saturday, May 26, 2007

Boston Bulletin Reports on BC Neighbors Forum:

The Boston Bulletin ran a story last week about the community meetings of the Boston College Neighbors Forum, focusing on the issues of undergraduate dormitories and athletic facilities.

There is a small error in the reporting:
While Pahre said the [BC Neighbors Forum] supported artificial turf for the athletic fields, they opposed the idea for the stadium field due to issues with flooding, drainage and pollution.
Actually, the group didn't directly address the general question of the use of artificial turf for any athletic fields, but certainly did not support "artificial turf for the athletic fields" within the Brighton Campus. What the attendees did support was continued informal use (e.g., intramural) by Boston College of the fields in their current state (i.e., with natural turf).

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Andrea said...

I doubt BC paid hundreds of millions of dollars for intramural fields. That request seems a little naive. Im looking forward to a 2,000 seat baseball field on the Brighton campus. BC has needed it for a long time. Fieldturf makes sense as well.