Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Target Considering Site in Brighton

The Boston Globe reported today that Target is considering four sites in Boston for a new store, including one site in Boston. The four neighborhoods are Downtown Crossing, Brighton, Charlestown, and West Roxbury. The Globe's source was Mayor Menino, but a Target spokesperson would not confirm the reported sites.

Where in Brighton would a new Target store go?

Comment here with your suggestions.


Charlie Denison said...

Perhaps it could go where CompUSA used to be. Since there's already one in Watertown, though, I'm not sure that Brighton makes much sense.

Personally, I think Downtown Crossing would be an ideal place for one.

In any case, I hope the city pushes them to make it an urban-style pedestrian-friendly store that fits in with the neighborhood it is in. The building should front the street and sidewalk, and should not have a large parking lot in front.

t.s. said...

Aren't there enough Target stores in the area already??