Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Theresa Hynes Park Dedicated

Mayor Menino, State Representatives Honan and Moran, and a host of Allston-Brighton residents gathered to help dedicate a park/garden in honor of long-time activist Theresa Hynes.

Rep. Honan called her the "one of the Grand Dames of Activism," who has taken on "more developers than anyone else in the neighborhood." Rep. Moran echoed that feeling by noting that, in the crowd, you could see many of the neighborhood's activists. "I'm sure I'm not the only elected official to sit down... with Theresa Hynes to ask her advice," said Moran. Added Mayor Menino, in a good-natured ribbing: "We've all had our issues with Theresa Hynes."

The park is a lovely and secluded spot, tucked away with an entrance off of William Jackson Avenue, Brighton. Yes, it even has bicycle parking spaces inside the entrance.

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