Monday, June 11, 2007

Boston Globe Letters to the Editor: "Brighton fears thud of BC expansion"

Two letters to the editor of the Boston Globe, written by Maria Guadalupe Rodrigues and Glory Dalton, appeared in this morning's paper under the heading: "Brighton fears thud of BC expansion." The copy editor chose an odd title since the letters comment on non-thud-like sounds which the writers consider disruptive to the community.

Ms. Rodrigues writes:
The level of arrogance of these institutions is best illustrated by the BC student's statement to your reporter: "If you choose to live there, you have to expect it's not a perfectly quiet area. You knew that coming in." Many residents of the neighborhood have links to the area that go back more then three generations. It was really quiet back then.
Ms. Dalton continues:

MY FAMILY has lived in the same house near St. John's Seminary for four generations. This has always been a quiet neighborhood with young families and senior citizens until recently, when we suffered the invasion of so-called well-behaved BC students.

Their revelry is not "harmless" when they wake up and frighten young children with their singing "Sweet Caroline."

It is not "harmless" when they urinate on your front lawn or try to pry open your front window calling out some unrecognizable girl's name.


amartin said...

Hmmm, Ms. Dalton's story seems very similar to Ms. Webster's story...

Michael Pahre said...

Actually, not similar at all. I know both women personally, and can guarantee that, not only are they two different people, but that their writing styles are 100% different!

Darren said...

How do the children cope with things as frightening as a "Sweet Caroline" sing-a-long?

I understand that there will always be tension between campuses and locals, but some complaints are a bit silly.

BCNorCal07 said...

I saw these letters in the Globe and wanted to puke. I know that the interests of BC and Brighton are at odds, but as a student it was permanent residents of Brighton (even families) that caused the problems in my neighborhood. People forget that BC has a permanent, official police force that has as much jurisdiction in Brighton as the Boston PD and that when incidents occur on campus, students get in far more trouble than the would if they occurred off-campus. BC has already been rebuffed in its attempts to make Brighton safer (by improving and securing the Resevoir with its own money), so I think it's time for the residents to take some constructive steps in this matter. It seems like the only thing that Brighton wants is for Boston College to disappear.

gdalton said...

If I read these letters to the editor I would also want to "puke". I would feel sick to my stomach and embarrassed knowing someone representing any affiliation to which I belonged would be so arrogant, selfish, thoughtless and immature as to behave in such a manner.
A "silly" complaint? This neighborhood is our life, we're not here for just a few years.
Apparently Darren didn't read the full Globe article, missed the full content to the letters to the editor or simply doesn't care.