Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Down to Seven Candidates for Allston-Brighton District City Councilor

Two of the nine candidates for the open Allston-Brighton District City Council seat have not submitted sufficient signatures in order to appear on the ballot this fall, according to Doug Currie of the Boston Elections Department.

Paul Creighton did not submit any signatures, while Benjamin Bloomenthal submitted fewer than the required 139.

Withdrawal of Creighton appears to throw a major curve into the election: he got more than 30% of the vote for the seat in 2005 against incumbent Jerry McDermott. Since most of the other candidates live in Brighton, Creighton's withdrawal seems to open up many Allston votes that would have gone to him.

This brings the total number of candidates for the seat down to seven. Objections to ballot certification are to be filed by July 3.

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