Tuesday, July 31, 2007

1954 Comm Ave Update: Boston Landmarks Commission Hearing

The A-B TAB reported on the hearing last week in front of the Boston Landmarks Commission (not the Boston Redevelopment Authority, but in the BRA's Board room) for the owner, Dan Yu, of the historical property at 1954 Commonwealth Avenue.

He apparently had received a citation from Inspectional Services for a branch that was overhanging the sidewalk. He responded by cutting down many trees on the property, some as tall as approximately 80 feet, and was issued a violation for doing so illegally without a permit.

He also appears to have installed new windows on the house without prior approval of the Landmarks Commission. Neighbors suspect even more work being done without a permit, based on the traffic in and out of the building each day.

Reports the TAB:
As a result, the [Landmarks] Commission will conduct a site inspection to assess the damage before deciding what action Dan Yu, the owner of 1954 Commonwealth Ave., needs to take. Most likely, the commission will tell Yu to replant some of the trees and landscaping he cut down, said Kate Neuner, a preservation planner for the Landmarks Commission.

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