Sunday, July 15, 2007

Interview With Genevieve King, Allston-Brighton's New Boston Police D-14 Captain

At a fun, BPD-sponsored kids event in Rogers Park Saturday, I got the chance to talk briefly with Captain Genevieve King, who just took over the reigns in the Allston-Brighton District D-14 station.

She noted that the important crime issues for Allston-Brighton are very different from her previous posting in Mattapan. The top crime issue facing Allston-Brighton, she said, is student off-campus behavior and related quality-of-life issues.

She thinks that the best punishment for student misbehavior (underage drinking, loud parties, etc.) is punishment by the universities. While the police force will continue to make arrests for activity like underage drinking, the parents of students often don't hear about even multiple arrests until they are punished by the university. She said that she has a good relationship with BC's Director of Community Affairs, Bill Mills, which is important to getting strong university response to student behavior.

She also wants to maintain a good relationship with the Boston Municipal Court established by her predecessor, in order to ensure that cases brought by the police are dealt with appropriately. I assume she meant that the judicial side of the law should not be too lenient...

I asked her about the community policing effort, since a number of cops have been seen recently to be "walking the beat." Such community policing seems to be going well, she said, based on recent community feedback. This is a program that has been instituted from the top down (i.e., from the police chief), but Captain King sounds to be a passionate advocate of the policy. There are approximately six officers assigned to walking the beat full-time in A-B. She jokingly noted that some officers of those may appear to have spotless uniforms -- they are new recruits out of the Police Academy, so the uniforms really are new.

The A-B TAB wrote up a story on Captain King, and their reporter appears to have had a notepad and pen available during the Q/A.

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