Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Keady: "Those three houses will be coming down"

Will Boston College consider options other than razing the three houses at 188/192/196 Foster Street?

Thomas Keady, Jr., Boston College's Vice President for Government and Community Relations, offered a subtle answer to the newspaper BostonNOW:
The college made it plain: preservation for the more than century old structures it owns is not in the plans.

"I don't believe that they are [historically significant]," said BC spokesman Tom Keady. "Those three houses will be coming down."

And he huffed, and he puffed, and he... well, actually, I think they use wrecking balls these days.

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jht said...

I walk by those houses very often, and I'm amazed that people are so interested in preserving them. They may be old, but I fail to see anything particularly special about them. Go anywhere in New England (including elsewhere in Brighton) and you can find thousands and thousands of houses that look just like them.

My main opposition to BC's construction plan there is the loss of the space behind the houses. A wilderness area tucked within an urban neighborhood like Brighton *is* rare, and worth preserving. But as for the three houses themselves, if BC tore them down and built a nice new building in their place *without* disturbing the urban wild behind them, that would be fine with me!