Monday, July 09, 2007

Mac Daniel Goes to the Mass Turnpike Authority

Boston Globe transportation reporter Mac Daniel is taking a new job as director of communication for the Massachusetts Turnpike Authority, according to bhe Boston Globe. This is disappointing because he was one of those reporters who could cut right through all the bureaucracy and get to the heart of transportation issues, finding out who is responsible for screwing up (or fixing) what.

Now he's going to be on the other side -- stonewalling reporters, claiming ignorance or that the land belongs to some other agency, and so on. Well, let's hope he does better on the government side of the fence than his predecessors.

Think it's not hard to figure out who's in charge of fixing something? See how two At-Large City Councilor's office staff give different answers to the question of who should fix the light bulbs on Allston's Franklin Street footbridge.

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