Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Award for Ugliest New Business in Brighton

A new Dunkin' Donuts opened recently on Washington Street in Oak Square, right across the street from the YMCA.

I am giving them an award: The Ugliest New Business in Brighton. (NOTE: edited 8/17/07, see below)

Check out the finely-crafted details on the roof:

Needless to say, it is out of character with the neighborhood's architecture. I'm praying for a windstorm. Or that the owners get a conscience.

NOTE (added 8/17/07): roof appendage removed. Award taken away. Looking for a new recipient.


bostnkid said...

i went in there yesterday.didnt even know it was there until i saw it near the bank machine.not your typical d&d's setup inside either.it looks like they are trying to be a starbucks.lots of leather chairs and tables to put your laptops on.its going to be funny on winter mornnings when there are 45 irish dudes in there waiting for the painting van.why try to be so fancy?if im lookming for a place to hangout its not going to be dunkin donuts.

Ron Newman said...

Is that an inflatable cup on top of the store? Maybe it's not permanent, but just there to promote the new store.

Kirsten Ryan said...

As cheesy as the DD inflatable is, i'm guessing it will eventually be deflated.

What I vote for is the tacky truck furniture yard sale thing thats been going on at the former Exxon station on Washington street. Uggh. I wonder if that is a violation of the use permit? probably.
Also the other deceased gas station (Daves Gulf) is now an eyesore. Some mickey mouse construction work is going on there..no permit displayed..