Monday, August 20, 2007

Innovation and Suspicion in North Allston

In response to last week's Boston Globe metro column by Yvonne Abraham on architectural innovation and neighborhood suspicion amongst Harvard and their North Allston neighbors, the Globe published a series of letters-to-the-editor in today's edition.

Brent Whelan:
We are indeed suspicious of Harvard's secretive and high-handed response to community review. But we would love to see a radically new approach to campus architecture in our neighborhood.
Jason Karakehian:
...She forgot to point out one architectural success in which the citizens of Allston had a direct hand with Harvard: the Honan/Allston Public Library, which was funded by the university as reparation for those very land purchases. This building, with its facade of slate, concrete, glass, and mahogany, all honestly presented to display their inherent varieties of texture and pattern, is a tribute to craftsmanship in public spaces.

I suggest Abraham spend a little time in Allston talking with the people and looking around before presenting us with an opinion based on the most cursory of examinations.

My own comments were quite similar.

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