Thursday, August 16, 2007

More Phone Surveying for Allston-Brighton City Council Campaign

Harry Mattison mentioned earlier this month that he and his wife received phone calls surveying their preference for A-B District City Councilor. Back in June, there were at least two such phone surveys going on, one of which I received and blogged about.

Mattison's calls appear quite different from the extensive survey I received: his asked for little more than who he would vote for, while mine asked questions about the Mayor, provided dispassionate summaries of the candidates, and tried to see how those summaries might influence how I would vote. (I think it may have been a subtle case of push polling, since the summaries were all quite reasonable, not inflammatory. Exclusion of a well-known personality trait of one candidate led me to believe it was, however, an attempt to judge the importance of that little nugget in the campaign.)

Have you received a phone survey? If so, comment below and describe what kind of questions were asked.

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