Friday, August 24, 2007

New CRI Boathouse Under Construction Along Charles River

Construction has recently started for Community Rowing, Inc.'s (CRI) new boathouse along the Charles River, next to Daly Field. The Boston Globe's City Weekly recently ran a background piece:
Of the 10 boathouses along the Charles between Watertown and Boston, Community Rowing is the only one that will be open and fully accessible to the public, said Magian. "We don't have it gated off to the water, unlike other boathouses," she said.

Indeed, increasing public access to the river is a big reason why the project got such strong backing from state legislators, Magian suggests.
The project sits on three acres of land leased from the Department of Conservation and Recreation. Here's what it will look like from Nonantum Road (picture from PNF):

Site Construction Status

Here is a view from the southeast corner of the site:

Here is a view from the northwest corner of the site:

I'll try to update with new pictures every month or two from the same vantage points.

Dangerous Design for Bicycles on Charles River Bikepath

I sent in a public comment to CRI's small project PNF last fall, where I noted that their design of an angled vehicular entrance to the parking lot was extremely dangerous to bicyclists riding in the same direction along the Charles River Bikepath. Cars would just whip into the parking lot, probably slowing down little if at all because they only have to navigate a 45-degree angle off of Nonantum Road. They also would have poor visibility of bicyclists behind them as they turn. Bicyclists probably will have the right-of-way in such a design, but that won't help the cyclists squashed by speeding trucks pulling trailers with a dozen boats entering the parking lot from Nonantum Road westbound.

Here was my suggested modification:

I contacted John Fitzgerald of the BRA (project manager for this) recently to inquire if the suggested modification was implemented into the final design. He said no -- apparently BTD wasn't worried about it, even though one of CRI's consultants admitted at the public meeting last fall that they had some of their own concerns.

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Jack said...

what about the public boat ramp that is there now what is going to happen to it? Is the parking lot going to made smaller?
I have been a boater (power)for the last 20 years and this the only puplic ramp on the charles to the Boston Harbor. Are we power boater going to get our share how about fixing the ramp or put in docks.
I have no grudge for any rowers it is a good thing they are building the boat house for the puplic.
But please show some mercy for the power boaters and teach the new rowers that the Charles is not deep and they can't row down the center because a big boat can't navigate the sides because of the shallow water. I know there has been a long going fued between power boats and rowers on who "OWNS" the water we share it.
a concerned boater and consevationist.