Thursday, August 02, 2007

North Brookline Worried About Student Parties Making Them the Next Allston-Brighton

The Brookline TAB ran a story this week about residents complaining about loud student party houses. In North Brookline, not in Allston-Brighton.

Police said the complaints have mounted in recent years.

“We’ve always had loud party complaints, but it has seemed to increase, particularly in [North Brookline] in the past four or five years,” said Police Capt. John O’Leary. “We do not want, from the Police Department’s perspective, to see this get out of control.”

But as O’Leary cautioned that courts are often reluctant to prosecute these cases, many agreed the most effective way to curb partiers would be for the town, colleges and property management companies to issue fines.

Maureen Kieley, who works in student affairs at Boston University, agreed.

“Once it hits them in the pocketbook one or two times, it spreads like wildfire,” Kieley said. “Once we get a police report, we take them through the adjudication system.”

Her advice to neighbors: “Call the police, call the police, call the police.”

They also give tips on what to do. The tips don't exactly parallel instructions for Allston-Brighton -- we as a community ought to generate the equivalent version for A-B. In particular, we're supposed to call 911 for everything.

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