Wednesday, August 08, 2007

SUV-Riding Mayor Bans Seven-Seat Bicycles

Mayor Menino is poised to ban seven-seat fun-bicycles from the streets of Boston, according to the Boston Herald.

His reasons? "[They] impede traffic on city streets. Emergency vehicles couldn’t even get around them." Ummm... Bikes have the right to travel in any lane of a city street -- right in the middle of those lanes. Even if they are going five miles per hour. And these seven-seaters are far smaller than ambulances and fire trucks. Shouldn't he ban them instead, since they presumably can't get around each other?

And those pesky seven-seat bicycles are certainly smaller than the Mayor's 5,000-pound Chevy Tahoe SUV monstrosity, which the City bought for him two years ago to replace his previous monstrosity -- a Ford Expedition. One blogger, who posts a nice picture of bicycle contraption, thinks that Mayor Menino has bad childhood memories about riding bicycles. Maybe other memories might encourage him to seek out the biggest possible SUV to ride in. Freud, anyone?

Vote on whether or not Menino should also ban horse-drawn carriages from the streets of Boston.

UPDATE (9:33 pm): The Boston City Council voted to ban the seven-seat bicycles, according to the Boston Globe.

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