Monday, September 24, 2007

Alex Selvig Issues Statement About Anonymous Emails

Alex Selvig, candidate for the Allston-Brighton District 9 seat on the City Council, issued this statement after the story was reported here that three anonymous emails attacking two other candidates originated from a person using his house's computer network. He wrote a statement as a comment posted at the end of that story, but since those comments don't appear to readers who load this blog's home page I offered to put it in a new, separate posting. He asked that I use the text sent to several Google Groups this afternoon:
"I apologize publicly for the actions of one of my supporters.

The comments expressed were neither sanctioned, shared, nor approved by me or anyone on the Alex Selvig campaign. People who know me know that I would never do this.

I deeply regret that damaging postings about the Hanlon and Schofield campaigns were made in a way that implied my participation. I condemn them without reservation.

I have run on the principles of openness, transparency and integrity. I stand by those principles. The independent actions of this person have been unfairly damaging to Tim Schofield and Rosie Hanlon, but also to me.

I had nothing to do with this, and I am deeply sorry. Being a leader requires me to accept full responsibility, and I do. The buck stops here.

Alex Selvig."
I personally admire that Alex has stood up to take responsibility by: confirming that the emails came from a supporter using his house's computer network; apologizing to the two campaigns who were unfairly attacked; and publicly issuing the statement above. We should all commend him for taking these three actions today to address the issue.

EDIT (9/24 5:10 pm; and 10/8): Read the statement at the end of this Google Group posting for the identity of the anonymous emailer.

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gdalton said...

Whew! I knew there had to be an explanation. Kristine, that took a lot of courage. Alex Selvig is the only candidate I have campaigned for in my entire life. He is a fighter and that is just what we need.