Thursday, September 20, 2007

Boston College Student Behavior Policies

Several residents have been asking what exactly is BC's student behavior policy. It is available online in their Student Guide, where section 5 "Behavior Policies" is the relevant portion. I reproduce here several excerpts.

More information on alcohol-specific policies (and Massachusetts State Law) can be found here.


A city ordinance prohibits all noises which would disturb neighbors beyond 50 feet of the residence hall areas between the hours of 12:00 a.m. and 7:00 a.m. Students responsible for noise violations are subject to University disciplinary action. Within residence areas, any noise or sound heard outside one's immediate room/suite/apartment is unacceptable. Violations of Quiet Hours as posted in the residence halls will be dealt with as a student disciplinary matter by the Residential Life staff.


Students must be 21 years of age or older to consume or possess alcohol.

  • Students who are of legal age may only possess small amounts alcohol for personal consumption.
  • Students under the age of 21 may not host a guest who possess or consumes alcoholic beverages in their room, suite or apartment regardless of guest age.
  • Providing alcohol to minors or intoxicated persons is prohibited.
  • Unacceptable behavior by a Boston College resident as a result of abusing alcoholic beverages will be subject to University judicial action which may result in suspension or dismissal from the residence halls and/or the University.
  • The unauthorized use of alcoholic beverages in common areas (i.e., corridors, public lounges, Mod backyards and porches, on the grounds, etc.) is prohibited.
  • All "central sources" (i.e. kegs, large containers filled with alcohol, punch, home brewing kits, etc.) will be confiscated and disposed, and responsible students will be referred to University disciplinary action.
  • Drinking games and/or any other activities which promote the use or abuse of alcohol are prohibited. This includes, but is not limited to funnels and gaming tables used for drinking. When found, these items will be confiscated and disposed of without compensation to the owner.
  • Students of legal drinking age who are hosting guests are responsible for assuring that all guests consuming alcoholic beverages are of legal drinking age.
  • No empty containers of alcohol are permitted in the residence areas of students who are under the age of 21.
  • Alcohol containers, advertisements, and paraphernalia can not be displayed on windows or on doors, or used as decorative pieces.

Off-campus Disturbances

As members of both the Boston College and the neighborhood communities, students who reside in off-campus apartments have a responsibility to demonstrate respect and concern for all members of the local community. As a result, Boston College imposes an obligation upon all its students to demonstrate responsible citizenship in the local neighborhood. Excessive or unreasonable noise, the illegal use and/or sale or distribution of alcohol or drugs, objects being thrown out of apartment windows, excessively large parties, and/or rude and abusive language or behavior are not in concert with the obligation. Numerous off-campus arrests have occurred for such offenses as false IDs, disorderly conduct, illegal sale or possession of alcohol, and public drinking. Therefore, the University reserves the right to refer any students identified as being involved in this type of behavior to the University's Student Judicial System for disciplinary action. If found responsible, students are subject to sanctions up to and including loss of University housing privileges or suspension or dismissal from the University.

Off-campus Misconduct

Whether or not alleged misconduct constitutes a violation of criminal law, students may be sanctioned by the Student Judicial System for violations of the University Code of Student Conduct occurring on or off the Boston College campus. Accordingly, persons who are not members of the Boston College community may initiate a complaint with the Office of the Dean for Student Development.

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