Sunday, September 30, 2007

BRA Board to Vote on Harvard Science Complex

BRA Board Meeting
Wednesday, October 3
2:00 pm
City Hall, 9th floor conference room

BRA Board to vote on approval of Harvard's Science Complex on Western Avenue

Harry Mattison has posted a series of comments of residents from the DPIR phase of public comments.

Attendance is encouraged by members of the public concerned about this expansion project. There are two issues that many people in North Allston want the BRA Board to consider:
  1. The BRA should require Harvard to complete a Final Project Impact Report; and
  2. The BRA should not waive further review of the project.
Official information on the Science Complex can be found at Harvard's Allston website. More extensive information, including public comments and analysis, can be found at Mattison's HarvardInAllston website.

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