Sunday, September 09, 2007

Loud Party on Strathmere Road Results in Two Arrests

From the via UniversalHub:
Loud Party Ends in Arrest

Last night at approximately 10:13pm, officers from District D-14 responded to a radio call for loud party at 110 Strathmore Road. On arrival, officers could hear loud music from the street. Officers arrived at the front door and could hear loud music emanating from the apartment. Officers knocked on the door and received no response. Officers were able to gain entry and locate the lessee of the apartment. The suspect was advised that he would have to turn down the music and keep the tone of conversation down in order not to disturb the neighbors. The suspect was advised that the party would be dispersed if another 911 call were received.

At 11:07pm, officers were dispatched to 110 Strathmore Street for a loud party. When officers arrived they could clearly hear the loud music and conversation from the street. Officer arrived at the front door and determined that the noise level was the same as the previous call. Officers knocked on the door for several minutes and received no response. After several minutes and unknown female was heard yelling to guest to keep quiet and turn the music off. The unknown female began to unlock the door, however several male voices were heard yelling at her not to open the door.

Once inside the suspect approached officers in an aggressive manner and forcefully attempted to push the officer back into the hallway. The suspect was handcuffed after a brief struggle. Several guest remained out front talking loudly and ignoring orders to clear the area. Officers provided the group with several warnings that their behavior amounts to disturbance of the peace and they were subject to be arrested. At that point most of guest began to leave except for one suspect. The suspect continued to yell at police and protest the arrest of his friend and refusing to leave the area.

John Walsh, 27, of Brighton was arrested and charged with Disorderly Conduct. Also arrested was Charles Kubik, 27, of Brighton and charged with Assault and Battery on a Police Officer and Keeper of a Disorderly House.


amartin said...

Interesting. Shows its not always BC students doesn't it? A point I have tried to make on the message board many times.

Michael Pahre said...

Sure, not always BC students. Last night it was a bunch of BU students screaming obscenities at the cops -- and getting arrested.

amartin said...

Those individuals noted in your original post were 27 years old. clearly not college students. Its not all BC kids is my point, yet many on the Brighton forum would like rules/regulations etc. that would single out BC kids and treat them differently from everyone else. That is what I think is unfair. Don't let BC kids live off campus etc. Will that extend to kids who have graduated from within the last five years?

Enzo said...

amartin does have a point. There are plenty of post-adolescent bozos and boozehounds here who have nothing to do with BC.

I think they pick up the habit however at BC and other colleges. Speaking from experience, a fair amount of mating in college is done under the influence. In spite of all denials, this is a deliberate strategy for males and females.

In the old days you had to take a girl out to The Importance of Being Earnest or something. Or you went out with your friends sister and he killed you if you had sex with her.

Now culture is shot to hell. Sadly Boston proves Frank Zappa right, when he said that the most plentiful element in the universe is not hydrogen, but stupidity.