Saturday, September 22, 2007

One Story That Just Ain't True

In a guest column Mark D. Trachtenberg wrote for Brighton Centered recently, he speculated that James Jenner might have been promised a job by Rosie Hanlon in exchange for him withdrawing from the race and throwing his support over to her. I tried unsuccessfully to contact her for comment at the time, but we are both in the middle of a crunch time leading up to the election and she could only get back to me this afternoon.

She denied his speculation completely, saying that there is no agreement with Jenner. "My values are on the same line as his," she said. "He gave it his very best, and I loved what he did" in running so well as a first-time candidate. All he asked her was, "Would you mind if I supported you?" And Hanlon accepted his offer.

And so the non-story is put to bed.

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