Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Outsourcing Election Coverage to the Local Papers and Blogosphere

The major papers in town, the Boston Globe and Boston Herald, have not run a single story, as far as I can tell, on the Allston-Brighton District 9 City Council preliminary election or campaign. David Bernstein of the Boston Phoenix searched the archives confirming this. The Globe did publish an editorial endorsing Tim Schofield, but it strikes me as odd that they can enter an endorsement on something that doesn't even warrant a story by their reporters.

I added a little comment to Bernstein's Talking Politics blog post:
For the record, the Allston-Brighton TAB has had regular coverage, the Boston Bulletin ran at least one story early on, Bay Windows has covered it, and the Boston Phoenix ran your story a couple of weeks ago on both the At-Large and District 9 City Council races.
Adam Gaffin of UniversalHub points out some blogosphere coverage of the election campaigns, including a link back here to Brighton Centered.

The Boston Globe managed to outsource its coverage of the September 11th election results to one of the campaigns.

It's increasingly obvious that the city papers are outsourcing their coverage of local news to the local papers -- and the blogosphere. What might be next? Outsourcing the coverage to India?

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