Sunday, September 16, 2007

WGBH Turns on the Digital Mural Alongside MassPike

A couple of months ago, they were testing it; now they're about to switch it on for regular use. It's a large, digital screen alongside the MassPike designed to be seen by eastbound travellers. It's supposed to be showing a single image each day, but news reports are now sounding like they'll be trying a rapidly moving cloud loop, too.

The Boston Herald story notes:
It will be visible to eastbound commuters from about a mile and a half away, and westbound drivers also will be available to catch a glimpse.
That second part worries me: sounds like a lot of westbound necks craning to the left will all cause their steering wheels to pull to the left. Any wagers on when the first person files an accident report with the state police claiming he was distracted by the screen?

You can take WGBH's "Image of the Day Poll" at their site to choose among three pictures to get displayed.

As an astrophysicist, I am happy to heard that there will be a Hubble Space Telescope picture up this week. Assuming WGBH doesn't give full information about it, the first person to post below with the correct name of the astrophysical object in the image will win special mention right here! **

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