Tuesday, October 09, 2007

Don't Turn to Boston Magazine for Election Information

Writer Amy Derjue Paul Flannery [see comment #2] of Boston Magazine, the magazine supposedly about the City of Boston in Massachusetts, appears to be a bit ignorant of Boston elections activity:
Hey, did you know the elections are coming up? No? Well, it’s an off-year, to put it mildly. Last year, we had the gubernatorial and senate races. Next year, we’ll get to vote for a new president. But for now, political junkies and journalists alike are left with the 5th Congressional District race, the crazy umbrella-wielding guy in Cambridge, and a few mayoral races.
Derjue then proceeds to talk about martinis and the mayoral race in Pittsfield.

I ask you, Boston Magazine: "Hey, did you know that Boston is holding an election for all 13 City Councilors on November 6th? No? It's November 6th of this year. Yes, I mean 2007." Maybe the problem is that the City Council candidates don't dress fabulously or go for plastic surgery -- they're not Boston Magazine's target demographic.

If we held the City Councilor-At-Large Candidates Forum Wednesday night at Louis Boston instead of the Brighton Elks Lodge, then do you think we would make it onto Boston Magazine's radar? Would we have to snag a red carpet, and have Big Papi and Brady-Bundchen walk it, in order to get election coverage from them? Should we have arranged to have the event sponsored by Neiman Marcus and Nordstrom, instead of the Brighton Allston Improvement Association and the Allston Civic Association? Some of the candidates could use a pair of sturdy Nordstrom shoes, though.

Maybe I also ought to remind those Boston Magazine writers that today, October 9, 2007 -- the day that Derjue Flannery wrote that blog entry -- there is an election happening right here in Boston (at least in Allston-Brighton, Charlestown, East Boston) for State Senator. The guy's name is Anthony Galluccio, running unopposed for this special election because he beat all his Democratic challengers in the primary last month. Someone needs to show up at the polls to make sure he gets enough votes to beat the usual write-ins. There's 35 minutes to go before the polls close.

No wonder turnout is so low in Boston when the MainStream Media needs notification of an election.

EDIT (10:50 pm): Senator-elect Galluccio managed to beat Mr. Write-In by a factor of only 12.5-to-1 (in Boston). Galluccio only got 453 votes in Boston. If such an election were to occur over here in Brighton, that Wallingford Road bloc could write-in more votes all by themselves. Now that would be funny!


Abigail Furey said...

Shoot me.

Just shoot me.

And people wonder why the turnout was so poor in the District 9 preliminary.

I give up. The local papers/media are becoming useless.

pflanns said...

It was a mistake. And it was not Amy's. It was mine.

Paul Flannery