Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Former City Council Candidate Alex Selvig Endorses Mark Ciommo

Alex Selvig unsuccessfully ran for the Allston-Brighton District 9 City Council seat in the preliminary election last month. He seems to have been researching the remaining two candidates, Mark Ciommo and Greg Glennon, and their positions on the issues prior to making an endorsement.

I have noticed that Selvig has had a Ciommo sign up on his front lawn for a number of days, indicating it is clear who he would be voting for. Now, he has expanded that into an endorsement of Ciommo's candidacy.

Selvig says of Ciommo:
Mark Ciommo is always at meetings, park cleanups, and other community events, and has faithfully attended all of our debates. He respects the people of Allston-Brighton.

Mark's broad support makes him less beholden to special interests, and will allow him to be an open, accessible, and honest broker for the citizens of our community. I look forward to working with him as our next City Councilor.
Tim Schofield has already endorsed Ciommo in the final election. Only Rosie Hanlon and James Jenner have not endorsed a candidate; I think that Hanlon's long wait might be indicative that she will not endorse either candidate.

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