Monday, November 05, 2007

Damn! I Forgot to Get the Money First!

Dan Kennedy of Media Nation finds a profitable business model for community newspapers, including online versions:  "charge city-council candidates for covering them."

The Cambridge Chronicle reports:
Neil McCabe, who edits and writes for the monthly North Cambridge newsletter The Alewife, refused to print a candidate profile on Jonathan Janik written by McCabe’s staff after Janik decided not to buy advertising in McCabe’s newsletter...
[Wrote McCabe in an email:]  "The truth is that I am not in the news business, I am in the real estate business. I have 24 pages of real estate that I have to collect rent on every month."
I've just managed to put up an awful amount of campaign-related stories and information right here at Brighton Centered.  Every time I did so, the candidates told me the check was in the mail...  but I have yet to see one measly buck.  I should've insisted on the cash up front.  Damn.

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