Monday, November 05, 2007

Former Councilor Larry DiCara on City Council Race

Former Boston City Councilor and candidate for Mayor Larrry DiCara spoke about the Boston City Council race on WBUR-FM's Morning Edition this morning.

DiCara thinks that Councilor Felix Arroyo is most at-risk of losing his Councilor-At-Large seat in tomorrow's election. DiCara talked about "Felix being Felix" -- akin to "Manny [Ramirez] being Manny" -- by doing the politics thing his own way. DiCara said that not many sounds have been coming from Councilor Arroyo lately, but DiCara apparently hasn't been in the middle of Brighton lately himself.

But, you know, if Councilor Arroyo can hit as many end-of-the-season home runs as Ramirez... he won't have much to worry about. He finished second in 2005, after all.

DiCara also stressed the important of Governor Deval Patrick's support for Councilor Stephen Murphy lately, including a big fundraiser last week.  Why would Governor Patrick do so?  Councilor Murphy came out early to support Governor Patrick in last year's gubernatorial race at a time when "not many people named Murphy from Hyde Park" were doing so.  Governor Patrick is returning the favor.

Maybe Murphy supported Patrick because the name sounded Irish?

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