Wednesday, November 07, 2007

Halloween Taser Incident at Jackson Mann School

The Daily Free Press, the student newspaper of Boston University, conveyed a police report on an incident of a student with a taser at an elementary school in Allston.  Sgt. Bill Fogarty of the Community Service Office of the Boston Police Department District D-14 Station confirmed that the incident occurred in the Jackson Mann School, 40 Armington, Street, Allston.

The report in The Daily Free Press reads:
"Don't tase me, bro"

Just after noon Oct. 31, police responded to a call for assistance from the Boston Fire Department at an elementary school in Allston.

When police arrived, the BFD and school administrators told them a student had set a fire in the cafeteria. The student told police he had been eating lunch with friends when a bottle of rubber cement caught fire at their table.

Upon investigation, police determined the student had been playing with an electroshock weapon and had ignited the rubber cement. The student claimed he did not have a taser.

Further questioning determined the student had stashed the taser in the men's bathroom when the school was evacuated.

The school principal spoke with the parents of the students involved and will determine disciplinary measures.

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Michael Pahre said...

For the person who left a comment to this post, it was rejected because it partially identified the name of the suspect, who is a juvenile.

Oh, and the comment used inappropriate language, too.