Friday, November 30, 2007

Keeping Score on McGrory

Brian McGrory, City/Region Editor of the Boston Globe, was recently forthcoming in describing why his news desk deliberately did not cover the Boston City Council election.

Now I wonder how aggressively his news reporters will be covering the Mayor, given that McGrory seems to be one of Mayor Thomas Menino's golf buddies, according to Boston Globe business columnist Steve Bailey.

Earlier this year, one such "Menino Golf Pal" told me that, as a result, he/she had to keep a low profile when addressing anything related to city issues. If so, then how can we expect a Boston Globe editor to keep such a low profile on the Mayor?

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the zak said...

Are the journalists covering city hall regularly compromised by their frequent associations with City Council staff?... so that they fear losing the ability to write any articles that are newsworthy. There is still a lack of in depth news coverage at Boston City Hall even with the few such stories that do appear from time to time but less often than the reality of what's going on at city hall.