Tuesday, November 06, 2007

Last Story on Anonymous Mailings

OK, OK, OK... I promise, the last story on anonymous mailings.

David Bernstein of the Boston Phoenix's Talking Politics blog thinks that John Connolly gave an "early Christmas gift" to Councilor Stephen Murphy by not putting his name on the Parkway Package Pummeling. But Bernstein still can't understand why everyone is all worked up about it:
Others in and around city politics are also expressing their shock and dismay over this dastardly scheme -- because Lord knows nobody in Boston politics has ever anonymously criticized another pol. As a journalist, I can personally attest that all of our local officeholders and their staffs insist on being named and fully identified whenever speaking ill of their colleagues; you should hear the umbrage when I suggest hiding their identities behind vague sourcing! No, never such cowardice for me!, they cry.
Har! The sin wasn't attacking an opponent anonymously: it was doing it so sloppily that he could be tracked down right away. More smoke and mirrors! Better deception!

Last night, Connolly's campaign sent out a robo-phone call to supporters noting that there's been some name-calling in the campaign of late, but that everyone should instead try to stay focused on the election. The fallout from the Maul Murphy Mailings has gotten to the point that Connolly's campaign is valiantly trying to re-group after a full-out retreat.

EDIT (8:30 pm): A supporter got four Connolly calls.

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