Saturday, November 10, 2007

Sushi in Cleveland Circle

A new sushi restaurant, Fins, has opened in Cleveland Circle on Market Street.  Boston College sophomore, Meg K., reviews it and thinks that it could become the next, trendy "hot spot" around BC.

Who's the place catering to?  There are two TVs playing inside, and it's located next door to BC perennial hangout Roggie's, so I would guess BC students.  According to Meg. K.'s review, however, larger entrees reach up to $18-20.  The atmosphere and decor sound like they're trying to pull in the (slightly) older, urban crowd:
Very calming with mint colored walls and dark wood tables and chairs. The bright red lights above the sushi bar provided a nice contrast to the lighter walls...
And the floors don't sound like they're sticky, yet.  Sounds like a nice addition to Cleveland Circle which might satisfy a range of clientele -- and worth a visit.

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mukesh said...

Brighton Center boosted its coolfactor over the last few years. The pleasantly trendy American main street, not generic, synthetic town center developers desperately try to recreate.
asher smith