Monday, December 17, 2007

MBTA Buses #64 and 86 Diverted

From the MBTA:

Bus 64 Oak Square - Kendall/MIT - is being diverted due to roadway problem - snow route.

Bus 86 Sullivan Sq. Sta. - Reservoir (Cleveland Circle) - is being diverted due to Street closure. 2 stops missed. Market @ Arlington and Keenan.

UPDATE (10:00 am):  Market Street northbound is now open.  Southbound is being diverted to side streets.  The problem with the alternate southbound route(s) is that they mostly lead to uncontrolled intersections, i.e., without traffic signals.  There are a number of BPD officers around trying to direct traffic, but Washington Street in both directions, and Market Street southbound, were nearly in gridlock this morning.

MBTA Bus #86 is making all stops northbound, but the two stops mentioned above are likely being missed for southbound buses.


Dave M! said...

86 Bus: Anyone know why the street's cut off? It added at least 45 minutes to the morning commute. How long will the street be blocked off?

Michael Pahre said...

Hi Dave,
Please see update in post (above) -- reload the page in your browser.