Thursday, January 17, 2008

Eagle Insider Discussion Board In Danger of Being Shutdown

The Eagle Insider discussion board, on which inflammatory anti-Semitic and misogynistic language has been posted recently targetting a Brighton community activist, is in danger of being shutdown.

Eagle Insider [EI] is a sports discussion board on issues related to Boston College athletics.  It is part of a larger website,, which has individual discussion boards for many different college athletics programs.  It is an independent website, not directly affiliated with any particular college or university.

Visitors and posters to the discussion boards are often alumni, students, or employees of the individual colleges or universities -- but certainly not exclusively so, since some may have no affiliation with the institution.  Since posters are generally anonymous, there is no corrobating evidence as to which category of affiliation they fall under.

The administrator of the Eagle Insider board posted a statement Thursday afternoon that the Vice President at has been "badger[ed]" today by reporters "demanding a response about the type of language" posted at the board.

The administrator further indicated that, for the moment, the Eagle Insider board will convert from a free to a paid-only website.  He also stated that he has been told to "clean up the board in the process."

The complete statement can be found below:
IMPORTANT: From the administrator [EagleChevy]

As you may have noticed, this forum is now premium [requiring paid access].  This board is in danger of being shut down permanently as several reporters have been badgering Scout's VPs demanding a response about the type of language and things posted here. Show your support for EI and Scout by subscribing, and show some deal of respect for the people who've worked and fought to make this forum what it is by thinking before you post.

I have a mandate from Scout to not only double subscriptions or be relieved of my duty as publisher but to clean up the board in the process. I can promise you my successor will not be as liberal with the moderation.

That is all.
Later in the afternoon, the changeover appears to have been made:  the board was no longer accessible to the general public.


Rob said...

Is shutting down this site really the best resolution to this? I think that will only serve to upset the 99.5% of posters who have no association to the insulting comments made and merely go to the site to talk about BC sports. The offending posters should be banned and that's it. Censorship is not the correct response here, especially on a forum that encourages user posts and comments. And I say that as someone that does not post on the site nor read it.

Michael Pahre said...

Another death threat has been directed this morning at a Brighton community activist. This behavior is absolutely idiotic.

While I understand that many people would like continued comment back-and-forth here on general town-gown relations or BC master plan details, threats of violence have no place in the discourse.

So I am locking down comments on this blog post.

I hope the gentle readers of this blog will understand the necessity of this action based on the increasingly vitriolic comments that continue to be posted here and elsewhere.