Saturday, January 26, 2008

Parsons/Pike Pointed Picture

A couple of years ago, nice artwork was installed in the Parson Street underpass underneath the Massachusetts Turnpike in Brighton.  Diverted Motion blogger posts at The Bostonist about the "Asparagus Under the Bridge".

Many know Brighton historically for its role in the cattle trade, particularly for supplying George Washington's Continental Army (at a time that the area was called Little Cambridge and was a part of Cambridge).  Many are unfamiliar with 19th century Brighton's role in developing agriculture and horticulture, since it was seemingly dwarfed by the blossoming cattle trade; this mural offers insight into that part of the town's past.

I didn't know anything about the muralist who created the asparagus art, but the post at The Bostonist fills in the details:
Upon closer inspection of the murals, you may notice a striking similarity to other public art around Boston. Well, you're right! (Good job!) They were created by Joshua Winer, Boston's go-to public muralist. He's also responsible for the trompe l'oeil mural over the Harvard Square Theater and the Davenport Street Mural in Cambridge; The Chestnut Hill Highway Mural in Newton; the Kennedy Family Mural in Brookline; the Elephant Murals and the Alpha Omega Watch Mural in the Prudential Center; and The Newbury Street Mural on (you guessed it!) Newbury Street.

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