Wednesday, January 09, 2008

Picture ThisNOW: New City Councilors Sworn In, Then Cropped Out

BostonNOW isn't having a good week.

First, their printed paper being distributed mid-morning today has a cover title, "Obama's big day / High turnout among independents could be his key in N.H." Oops. Senator Hillary Clinton beat Senator Barack Obama in yesterday's New Hampshire Democratic primary, but that final result appears to have come in too late for BostonNOW's publication deadline. The print edition distributed later in the morning appears to have a different cover -- fortunately about Senator John McCain's big day, not former Governor Mitt Romney's.

The Obama-gaffe was preceded by a story in yesterday's BostonNOW about the swearing-in ceremony for the Boston City Councilors at Faneuil Hall Monday. Noting that the Council "welcomed two new members: John Connolly and Mark Ciommo of Allston-Brighton," BostonNOW ran an accompanying photo -- then proceeded to crop both new councilors out of the photo. Maybe this is a freshman councilor hazing stunt by the media?

In the photo -- or, more properly, out-of-the-photo -- Councilor Connolly is in the front-row off-camera to the right; Councilor Ciommo is in the back-row, also off-camera to the right. The Boston Globe ran a picture with all the councilors on page B1 of Tuesday's paper.

Let's hope the two new City Councilors get treated better when assigning them office space.

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