Saturday, February 23, 2008

A-B Citizens' Alert: More GPS Thefts

From the Boston Police Department's Citizens' Alerts for Allston-Brighton:
GPS Thefts

There has been an increase of property being taken from unattended motor vehicles in the Allston-Brighton sections of Boston, most notably GPS [Global Positioning Satellite] systems. Please safeguard your property such as this by removing them from your unattended motor vehicle, and removing the suction cup holder from the windshield. Most new GPS systems have a lock access option, making it useless to anyone else, other than the owner. Please use this lock option if available. Don’t become an unnecessary victim. Please report any suspicious activity to the Boston Police by dialing 911.


Eric Jay said...
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Eric Jay said...

It's interesting that they mention that "locked" mode. I'm not sure it will turn out to be much of a deterrent.

I recently had my vehicle broken into, and had my GPS and satellite radio receiver taken. When I called to report the radio stolen, XM permanently disabled it.

Chances are, whoever ends up with that radio isn't the thief. It's likely to be someone who got ripped off on eBay, craigslist, etc. I've already been reimbursed for my radio by my insurance carrier. They're not recovering that loss if I blacklist it. By doing so, all I'm doing is contributing to someone else's loss.

I'm out the same insurance deductible whether or not the radio and GPS work for someone else. I might as well have them keep working, right?

I do realize that in theory, as locking and disabling become more prevalent, they will reduce the market for stolen electronics... I'm just not convinced it'll ever happen. Cell phones all have locking capabilities, and they still get stolen, right?

Anyway - my radio and GPS (including the holder) were both out of sight in my armrest. The police think that the suction-cup shaped mark on my windshield was what tipped thieves off. I now recommend removing the holder AND wiping the glass clean afterwards.