Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Newbie Councilor Connolly Settles Into Job

The TAB has published online a nice piece about how John Connolly, the new Boston City Councilor-At-Large from West Roxbury, is settling into his new job.

He eventually managed to find his office and figure out who to call about downed power lines.  He doesn't like the building itself, though he doesn't mention his position on whether or not it should be moved to the waterfront -- or instead get a twirling-thingy up on top.  And most of the phone calls to the office are about constituent services, fully consistent with those who say it makes up 75% of a city councilor's job.

In his first month on the job he made it out to Brighton to attend one of the meetings of the BC Task Force, and followed that up with a letter to the BRA that was well-informed on the issues.  It might lead you to think that he had spent a decade in office already.

And maybe, just maybe, it might also lead you to believe that he is trying really hard to learn about neighborhood issues in preparation for a possible mayoral bid.  Just maybe.  We'll watch those fund-raising numbers carefully over the next six months to see how well he replenishes his warchest.

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Rob said...

He's not gonna run for mayor this soon. He'd be a hell of a candidate and is very smart, but it's way too soon.