Thursday, March 13, 2008

Brighton Rite-Aid Building to Be Demolished Monday

Word out of Allston-Brighton District 9 City Councilor Mark Ciommo's office is that the Brighton Rite-Aid (nee Brooks) Pharmacy at 399 Market Street is slated for demolition starting Monday.

The building's roof collapsed partially in December 2007 after a heavy and wet snowstorm. It has been propped up with scaffolding ever since as a public safety precaution. In the last several months, however, the southernmost wall of the building has been gradually collapsing inwards.

Via the AllstonBrighton2006 Google Group.

Hey, amateur photographers! Take a photo of the demolition on Monday and send it to me for posting on the blog.


Elizabeth said...

I live around the corner.
They started demolishing it over the weekend. I took a couple of pictures.
Haven't been by it today, though.

David Golann said...

I am reporting on the demolition and redevelopment of the Rite-Aid site for the Allston Brighton Tab. I would appreciate any information, comments, or insights anyone would care to share. I am trying to find out what will become of the site now. Will there be a new business?

My e-mail address is