Monday, March 17, 2008

Changes to Businesses in Brighton Center and Oak Square

New Pharmacy. PharmaLife, a small "chain of friendly neighborhood drugstores," has opened at 367 Washington Street adjacent to People's Bank. While the neighborhood might not seem to need another pharmacy -- CVS is down Washington Street a few blocks -- the new pharmacy is effectively a small replacement for the former Rite-Aid (nee Brooks) Pharmacy whose roof partially collapsed under heavy snow in December, and is currently being torn down.

The pharmacy replaces a store-front church that had occupied the premises for a few years.

Pigs Rumored to Be Flying About. Rumor is that When Pigs Fly is considering opening a retail bakery store at the former location of Open Doors -- the flaky, new-age bookstore/gift shop/masseuse -- at the southeast corner of the Brighton Center intersection. Yes, this is just a rumor, and it sounds like it is less than at 50/50 chance at the moment.

When Pigs Fly is a Maine-based bakery that provides high-end baked breads to many area supermarkets and has four retail stores. Its only store in the Greater Boston area is in Davis Square, Somerville. One block away from the site are Daniel's Bakery (under new ownership) and Athan's (a bakery and restaurant).

While I enjoy good bread, including baking loaves at home, I cannot imagine what their "Mango, Pineapple, Raisin, with Toasted Sesame and Ginger" bread tastes like... particularly if spread with "cranberry onion hot pepper jelly." Ewwwww.

Smoken' Joe's Blues Brunch. Smoken' Joe's at 351 Washington Street recently obtained a temporary entertainment license and appears to be having some kind of Sunday blues brunch (starting last week).

Ray's Grill -- Family-Style Restaurant. The owner of Jasmine Bistro, a higher-end Hungarian restaurant in Brighton Center, is opening a family-style restaurant in Oak Square at 2 Tremont Street called "Ray's Grill." The location previously housed a pizza joint. No word on whether or not the owner will pursue a beer/wine license for the new restaurant.

From Soho to Brighton Beer Garden. The owners of Soho are changing its name to Brighton Beer Garden, along with physical changes to the place (which have already begun). They have applied to extend their liquor license from 1 am to 2 am, but I hear that the Licensing Board is unlikely to award that (if they haven't already rejected the application); the Mayor's office opposed the application. As far as I know, only the Stockyard Restaurant at Brighton Landing and The Last Drop in Oak Square are licensed until 2 am.


Colleen said...

I believe the Boyne on Western Avenue in Brighton also has a 2:00 license.

lisa said...

Just a gentle suggestion that the term "pizza joint" is not exactly something I would like my establishment to be called.
Pizza Etc. was (and is in its new location across the Square) a perfectly pleasant place to sit and eat. The word "joint" makes me think of a speakeasy!