Sunday, March 09, 2008

House Foreclosures in Allston-Brighton in 2007

I previously wrote about how the housing foreclosure market appears to be mostly passing by Allston-Brighton, based on no foreclosures in A-B for January 2008.

The Boston Globe's City Weekly has a front-page story in today's paper providing statistics (from the Warren Group) for all housing foreclosures in Boston in 2007 which confirms this picture. Allston-Brighton had thirteen foreclosures during all of 2007 -- far fewer than the hardest-hit neighborhoods, particularly Dorchester, and a small fraction of the 705 foreclosures throughout Boston.

(Photo credit: Erik Jacobs for the Boston Globe.)

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Adam said...

Let's see how many foreclosures there are once students are no longer paying $16,000/mo in rent to absentee landlords who took out huge mortgages to buy the houses in A-B.