Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Boston Capital Projects Viewable Database and Maps

The City of Boston has a beta version of a GIS (Geographic Information System) tool to search a database to find capital projects being undertaken by the city. I'm not sure how long this beta version has been online (the copyright shows 2007), but I hadn't come across it myself until a well-informed local resident pointed it out to me.

If you search within the neighborhood of Allston-Brighton, for example, you'll see 38 capital projects currently underway -- listed as "To Be Scheduled," "In Design," "In Construction," or "Ongoing Program." The projects include renovations of schools, libraries, and fire stations. It is informative to see all these projects linked to from a single database.

The mapping system in the city's online tool appears very similar to that for their online assessing, hence the parcels are outlined. The city probably spent an awful amount of money producing this mapping software, while an enterprising netizen could probably do the whole thing independently with google maps and a couple hours of work -- assuming that the (latitude,longitude) of the assessing database were available.

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