Wednesday, June 04, 2008

BC Board of Trustees Friday to Consider Purchase of 2000 Comm Ave

At Wednesday night's meeting of the BC Task Force, Thomas Keady, Jr., Boston College's Vice President for Governmental and Community Affairs, spoke about news reports over BC's desire to purchase the 16-story apartment building at 2000 Commonwealth Avenue in order to turn it into an undergraduate student dormitory.

Keady said that the BC Board of Trustees would be meeting this Friday in order to consider the purchase, and that there would be no additional comment coming from BC until after that time.

Rumors swirling around Brighton during the last two weeks all keep repeating the same story about what really is going on behind the scenes: BC's purchase of the property is a "done deal." But nobody at BC is talking on-the-record...

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Anonymous said...

As much as I hate the fact that another "non-profit" organization such as BC will purchase more property or land that will deminish the revenue generated by taxes, it will strengthen the arguement against BC needing to build more student dormatories on the former St. John's land.